Beautiful Bakers

I really started to get into design after I came across this post in Apartment Therapy. I instantly fell in love with Nicole’s Harlem rental.  I then realized why I loved it so much; she was an interior decorator (you can check out her blog here). What struck me the most in this house tour, was something I hadn’t seen before, and if I had, I had no idea what they were called.  It was a Baker’s Campaign chest.

Images clockwise from left 1) & 3) Little Green Notebook 2) Apartment Therapy 4) Source Unkown

I found this piece for sale on e-bay right now. Not bad for $329:

Then there was this great score for $25!!!

I also came across this before and after on Matters of Style. I think it’s so well done!

I stumbled upon Decor Pad last month while hunting for an area rug. I love their look for less section. You definitely should check it out. Although this chest isn’t one of  my favorites, to each her own, and you may be able to find something similar with not quite as hight a price tag and swap out or spray the handles for a very close replica. And only$249…not bad at all!

I love everything about a Bakers Chest. Although they can be expensive (costing several thousand dollars), there are finds out there.

When you get lucky and come across one, snatch it up, they are truly a treasure. I can’t wait to add one to my apartment. The brass pulls and the the hi-gloss are just so beautiful and chic. I’ve been constantly checking Craigslist and E-Bay in hopes of finding one of these treasures. If you find them somewhere, please share it with me!

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Friday Inspiration Board: Living Room/Entryway

On Fridays, I plan on sharing my design/inspiration boards. I just started making these a few months ago, so they’re not as fancy as I would like; but I am sure you get the point. Hopefully they get better as time goes on, so bear with me.

This is my current design board for the living room/entryway in my apartment. Enjoy!

1. Black and White Rug – Ikea – $299

2. Mirrored Console, Neiman Marcus – $759

3. Faux Bamboo Coffee Table, HSN

4. Cabinet from Target, $179 I already have this, and it’s used for the TV. I think it looks great, and it’s not one of those pieces that screams ‘Target.’

5. Violet Juju Hat, Table Tonic – $650 (see previous post on Juju’s here)

6. Louis XV Chair and Ottoman – found on Simplified Bee

7. Pair of Black Gumps accent chairs – $695 I want these to go next to the mirrored console with some great yellow throw pillows.

8. Purple and White Polka Dot Pillow, Target  – $19.95 Already own, but no longer in stock

9. White Sofa, Real Simple – Cost unknown. You can find a good inexpensive couch really anywhere. Z. Gallerie has tons of white sofas in the $1,000 range.

Next Friday I will share with you the first inspiration board I did for the living room built around one chair from Anthropologie. I prefer this one much more!

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Ikan Ikat

Image sources from clockwise left: 1) Four Walls and a Roof 2) Table Tonic and 3) Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins (coincidentally my old roommate’s blog and a source of so much of my inspiration). 4)Table Tonic 5) Decor Pad

Ikat is a beautiful thing.  I can’t remember where I first saw this print, but I love everything about it. It’s a method of printing woven fabric by tie-dyeing the different yarns before weaving.

The background of my blog is Ikat; so obviously I like it a lot. I think some of my favorite places to see it are in curtains (which I am about to get to), in throw pillows, and in chairs.

I eventually plan to show you pictures of my entire apartment, but for now I am going to tease you with one of my favorite things in the apartment; my Ikat curtains in the bedroom from West Elm. When I first ordered them I was a little apprehensive since my bedroom tends to fall more on the traditional side. They were moderately priced between $59-$74 a panel. I think my grand total came to $279. As soon as they arrived I knew I had made the right decision. Curtains really make a room come together. I love to wake up in the morning with the window cracked and have the sun barely peek through. On the left is the West Elm image (professionally lit, of course) and on the right are the curtains in my bedroom (taken late at night…and probably not the best way to show them off). Ikat throw pillows are one of those things you cannot go wrong with. They’re so easy to mix in here and there. Table Tonic, has lots of pillows for sale. At $79 they won’t drain you bank account, but they will change any dynamic of a room.I always find my way back to this Ikat chair from Urban Outfitters. For under $300 you can’t go wrong. I can picturing a pair of these in any living room. 

I have dreams about a purple Ikat chair in my future. I have seen so many Ikat chairs, but none that I have to have, except maybe this one from Anthropologie for a more country chic feel or these from  Style Files.

My pre-requisites for the Ikat chair I would like are the following:

1) Purple (thanks to my roommate’s obsession with the hue, it has become one of my favorite colors).

2) Be priced under $500. I would really like to find a chair with a great frame and have it reupholstered. But finding my fabric may be tough since I don’t have access to showrooms and all the upholstery I may want. Suggestions are welcome on how to accomplish this!

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Wednesday Wants: Do You Juju?

I’ve made a decision. Wednesday will be dedicated to my latest design obsessions aka Wednesday Wants. So here goes my first Wednesday Want…and boy do I  want one!

Images clockwise from left. 1) What Anna Loves 2) Elements of Style 3) Poppytalk 4) Laura Day 5) Apartment #412

I have a soft spot for all things African. As soon as I saw these ‘hats’ I knew I had to have one (or several).

What are they exactly? They’re called Juju hats and are found throughout Cameroon. Prominent members of society and dancers wear them in ceremonies. I’ve read they can be found all over West Africa, but this is the first time I have seen one and I’ve spent a lot of time in Ghana. I cannot wait until I return so I can track some down and bring them home for my friends (for a fraction of the price).

There’s no doubt they would spruce up any home. They have been showing up all over some of my favorite design blogs. If you’re don’t have plans to make the trip to Africa in the near future, these are available online, but the prices can be a bit high. Here are some places to purchase these showstoppers! Some are selling on ebay for upwards of nearly $2,000 (Yowzas) to the $300-range.

1) Table Tonic. I LOVE this blog. They have so many to the minute global finds including those great Moroccan Poufs, but at $650 per Juju all I can think is…next. This is the only white Juju I have been able to find, so if this is the one you crave, buy it. 

2) has so many Juju’s. Prices are in the $350 range. I m a fan of this purple one. I can picture it in a black and white room with pops of purple throughout. 

3) After doing a lot of research, I found this fuschia stunner at an online African Art store. And it’s half the price of Table Tonic at $314. Yes Please!

No matter what color you like, can’t you just picture one of these in your entryway, over your couch or hanging above your bed?

And that’s my latest Wendesday Want! Don’t you just want to Juju with me?

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Mirror, Mirror

Images clockwise from left 1) Decor Pad 2) 3) & 4) Unknown (I am new at this blogging thing, so some of my old inspiration I forget to get the source)

I have recently fallen in love with mirrored pieces of furniture and I’ve been on the hunt for a mirrored chest for some time. Elle Decor has a great post on 10 great Mirrored Pieces.

Originally I was thinking about a mirrored console table, similar to this one from Target (which is a BARGAIN at $210),  but in NYC storage is tough, so I’ve opted to go for the chest. A pair of accent chairs (think Louis XVI or Bamboo Chinese Chippendale) helps tie it all together to make a very chic entryway. And if you grow tired of it in your entryway, mirrored pieces always look incredible as bedside tables. Unfortunately these can run you several thousand dollars, but I did some hunting and managed to find some that weren’t crazy expensive.

1) Horchow Dresden Mirrored Chest $999 Beautiful, but I find it hard to spend over $1000 on most pieces of furniture. It would come to about $1400 with tax and shipping costs. Definitely over my budget.

2) It was a nice surprise to see this mirrored chest in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. It’s nice, but I don’t love it. Over the last few years I’ve tried to stay away from Pottery Barn and choose furniture that doesn’t feel so cookie cutter. I now try to pick furniture that I know will be with me for many years down the road and has lots of character.

3) This Overstock Mirrored Drawer Accent Chest is one of my favs, and a potential front-runner. I really like the curved bottom. It feels more elegant than the others with straight lines.

4) Neiman Marcus surprisingly has some very reasonable ones as well. And this Mirrored Hall Chest at $759 is at the top of my list.

What one do you think I should go with? Or do you have any other options to share?

There will be a post in the coming weeks about some of my favorite accent chairs; and they won’t break the bank!

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My first post! And it’s all about…wait for it…COUCHES for men.

Hey guys, males, mister, bachelors out there, my first post is dedicated to you. Although you may not like to admit it, you likely need a little bit of help when it comes to style, especially decorating your crib. So here’s a start at one of the most essential pieces of furniture for your home; the couch.

I know you probably spend a lot of time on the couch, watching sports, movies and maybe you even get a little bit of action here and there on your couch. Needless to say, it’s pretty important, and you can’t just get any old couch. So, here are some really stylish options all under $1300. These sofas may be a bit on the modern side, but I have found guys fall more modern than traditional when it comes to design.

1) CB2 Piazza Sofa $1299. This has to be one of the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on. And if you have deeper pockets, you can take two of them, put them at a right angle and add a low square table in between them to create a faux sectional (more on that later). It also comes in tan.

2) Ikea Karlstad Sectional $899. I never would have gone this direction until I saw this from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love. I love the lines on it, and there’s lots of room for company and lounging.

3) Urban Outfitters Convertible Sofa $589 (a steal!). This is kind of a curve ball because it’s a nice sofa, clean lines, and the tufting has a certain appeal. The best part about it is when you have couch crashers, and this easily converts to a bed. Sweet Dreams!

4) And finally since most guys all crave leather couches, here you go. Overstock $558.99. A gorgeous brown leather sofa with grommets. is one of my favorites, and with shipping that costs $2.95, you can’t beat it.

Guys, you will score some major style points with a nice couch and some throw pillows. Trust me (more on those pillows later too).

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