Rug Rules; and a few of my favorites!

Do you have an area rug in your home? Are you overwhelmed when it comes to looking at all the options out there? Do you not even know where to start?

Committing to a rug can be like committing to a boyfriend. And like a boyfriend, they can be very hard to find. But once you find the right one, it’s a match made in heaven. Oh, and they can cost a lot. The rug, not the boyfriend.

Images: Elle Decor
I have one large 9×11 Sisal Rug in my bedroom. Before I had the rug it didn’t really feel like anything special. But as soon as I put it down, the whole room felt tied together.

A few pointers when purchasing:

1) Don’t be afraid to layer. Area rugs work well over carpet. If you have a sisal rug, a smaller patterned rug may look nice over it.

2) If you have one large room an area rug or two will help section off your spaces, so it doesn’t feel so large.

3) Buy the largest size rug you can.

Image: Lonny
4) Don’t be scared to mix patterns and colors. I’ve found that sometimes the most obscure and ‘unsafe’ choice may look the best.

Image: Anthropologie

5) Try to fit at least two legs of each piece of furniture in the room on the rug (see above images).

6) Mixing modern furniture and an Oriental rug may be a bold move; but a good one. For more on this style, check out Apartment Therapy’s recent post.

Image: Apartment Therapy
Here is some additional inspiration:
Image: Coco Kelley
Image: Black. White. Yellow.
Image: Coco Kelley

We are about to get a large rug for our living room, and suprisingly it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg. After days of online hunting, I think we have found our latest addition. It’s from IKEA!

Here are some images of the rug we are about to purchase. I am really excited for it, and I know with the black and white we won’t be tied to any particular color should it need to go somewhere else.

                  Image via: Design Sponge
Not an exact match, but close. Image: Walking Around
Image: Decor Pad
Notice the layering! Image: Prippy Handbook

Check back Monday for my top places to purchase your next rug (on a budget). There are so many, and I don’t want to bore you in this post. Plus, I need a reason for you to come back!


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I am a 30-something living in NYC. Follow along as I work on making my Manhattan rental a home, share inspiration, and help you design on your own dime.
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2 Responses to Rug Rules; and a few of my favorites!

  1. alissa says:

    i feel like rugs make rooms look smaller. i don’t need any help making my apartment feel small. 🙂
    do you think a rug like this could help to make a room look bigger?

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