Wednesday Wants: Pretty Poufs

I know I am very very late to this game. If any designer were to actually read this blog they would be ashamed at how dated this post may be. But I don’t care. I have something I love; Moroccan Poufs.

I wrote about them yesterday in my Calypso+Target=Happiness post. So here are some great rooms that incorporate the pouf.

Images Sources: Domino Mag, Pink WallpaperMaking it Lovely , Table TonicLJ HookerLa La Lovely Designer Does Dallas, Sunshine & Champagne

Don’t you just love all of these? Where can you buy these leather beauties? I’ve ranked them priced low to high at sites I have been able to find.

1) Target – Available May 1 for $59.99 and a limited color run of silver and gold.

2) HSN – $99 (also only comes in Silver and Gold). Nate Berkus has so many great items on the site. Definitely worth checking out the site.

3) Table Tonic – $199 with all colors, including white.

4) John Derian – $285 – $325 with every color you could imagine

5) Tazi designs – $225 – $450 also with every color in the rainbow, and some have different colored seams

Have you seen any poufs out there? Please share!


About designonmydime

I am a 30-something living in NYC. Follow along as I work on making my Manhattan rental a home, share inspiration, and help you design on your own dime.
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One Response to Wednesday Wants: Pretty Poufs

  1. brooke miller says:

    Hoot I am reading… They are good… You can help me soon when I dont spend all my money on clothes, shoes, and purses.

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