Calypso+Target = Happiness

It’s time to make a visit to your nearest Tar-jay. If Target wasn’t already amazing enough, on May 1, Calypso Home is coming!!!! I couldn’t be more excited! And how did I only hear about this on Sunday night? I need to get out from under the rock I’ve been living.

So  lets start with some of the goodies! I have had my eye on Moroccan Pouf’s for some time now (my post tomorrow will be all about them). I was tickled when I saw the gold and silver poufs will soon be available from Target for only $59.99!!! Prices for poufs can run in the $200 – $300 range. Although only silver and gold are available, I am going to have to snatch up at least one in silver for the living room.

What else do I love? Well, pretty much everything, but here are a few.

These pillows at $24.99 each.

Elephant Teapot in Coral. I don’t think I would use this for tea. I think it would look really great in my hutch in the dining area. And for $12.99!

This serving piece would be so much fun to use while entertaining. $12.99

I think it’s great to give tables height when you entertain, which is the reason I like this so much. Again, the price-point is great. Only $19.99.

And my absolute favorite piece are these silver candle holders. I am not sure really how tall they are, but they would look great on a side table or entryway, candles or not. Prices range from $7.99 – 24.99.

Images via Nitro:licious.

So run, don’t walk, to Target on May 1st. Just don’t beat me there…because I need a few of these things for my home!


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I am a 30-something living in NYC. Follow along as I work on making my Manhattan rental a home, share inspiration, and help you design on your own dime.
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