Beautiful Bakers

I really started to get into design after I came across this post in Apartment Therapy. I instantly fell in love with Nicole’s Harlem rental.  I then realized why I loved it so much; she was an interior decorator (you can check out her blog here). What struck me the most in this house tour, was something I hadn’t seen before, and if I had, I had no idea what they were called.  It was a Baker’s Campaign chest.

Images clockwise from left 1) & 3) Little Green Notebook 2) Apartment Therapy 4) Source Unkown

I found this piece for sale on e-bay right now. Not bad for $329:

Then there was this great score for $25!!!

I also came across this before and after on Matters of Style. I think it’s so well done!

I stumbled upon Decor Pad last month while hunting for an area rug. I love their look for less section. You definitely should check it out. Although this chest isn’t one of  my favorites, to each her own, and you may be able to find something similar with not quite as hight a price tag and swap out or spray the handles for a very close replica. And only$249…not bad at all!

I love everything about a Bakers Chest. Although they can be expensive (costing several thousand dollars), there are finds out there.

When you get lucky and come across one, snatch it up, they are truly a treasure. I can’t wait to add one to my apartment. The brass pulls and the the hi-gloss are just so beautiful and chic. I’ve been constantly checking Craigslist and E-Bay in hopes of finding one of these treasures. If you find them somewhere, please share it with me!


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I am a 30-something living in NYC. Follow along as I work on making my Manhattan rental a home, share inspiration, and help you design on your own dime.
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