Wednesday Wants: Do You Juju?

I’ve made a decision. Wednesday will be dedicated to my latest design obsessions aka Wednesday Wants. So here goes my first Wednesday Want…and boy do I  want one!

Images clockwise from left. 1) What Anna Loves 2) Elements of Style 3) Poppytalk 4) Laura Day 5) Apartment #412

I have a soft spot for all things African. As soon as I saw these ‘hats’ I knew I had to have one (or several).

What are they exactly? They’re called Juju hats and are found throughout Cameroon. Prominent members of society and dancers wear them in ceremonies. I’ve read they can be found all over West Africa, but this is the first time I have seen one and I’ve spent a lot of time in Ghana. I cannot wait until I return so I can track some down and bring them home for my friends (for a fraction of the price).

There’s no doubt they would spruce up any home. They have been showing up all over some of my favorite design blogs. If you’re don’t have plans to make the trip to Africa in the near future, these are available online, but the prices can be a bit high. Here are some places to purchase these showstoppers! Some are selling on ebay for upwards of nearly $2,000 (Yowzas) to the $300-range.

1) Table Tonic. I LOVE this blog. They have so many to the minute global finds including those great Moroccan Poufs, but at $650 per Juju all I can think is…next. This is the only white Juju I have been able to find, so if this is the one you crave, buy it. 

2) has so many Juju’s. Prices are in the $350 range. I m a fan of this purple one. I can picture it in a black and white room with pops of purple throughout. 

3) After doing a lot of research, I found this fuschia stunner at an online African Art store. And it’s half the price of Table Tonic at $314. Yes Please!

No matter what color you like, can’t you just picture one of these in your entryway, over your couch or hanging above your bed?

And that’s my latest Wendesday Want! Don’t you just want to Juju with me?


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2 Responses to Wednesday Wants: Do You Juju?

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  2. Marsha says:

    I was thinking about these on the way home today. I am seriously think about one for over my bed. They are just stunning.

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