Mirror, Mirror

Images clockwise from left 1) Decor Pad 2) Shelterpop.com 3) & 4) Unknown (I am new at this blogging thing, so some of my old inspiration I forget to get the source)

I have recently fallen in love with mirrored pieces of furniture and I’ve been on the hunt for a mirrored chest for some time. Elle Decor has a great post on 10 great Mirrored Pieces.

Originally I was thinking about a mirrored console table, similar to this one from Target (which is a BARGAIN at $210),  but in NYC storage is tough, so I’ve opted to go for the chest. A pair of accent chairs (think Louis XVI or Bamboo Chinese Chippendale) helps tie it all together to make a very chic entryway. And if you grow tired of it in your entryway, mirrored pieces always look incredible as bedside tables. Unfortunately these can run you several thousand dollars, but I did some hunting and managed to find some that weren’t crazy expensive.

1) Horchow Dresden Mirrored Chest $999 Beautiful, but I find it hard to spend over $1000 on most pieces of furniture. It would come to about $1400 with tax and shipping costs. Definitely over my budget.

2) It was a nice surprise to see this mirrored chest in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. It’s nice, but I don’t love it. Over the last few years I’ve tried to stay away from Pottery Barn and choose furniture that doesn’t feel so cookie cutter. I now try to pick furniture that I know will be with me for many years down the road and has lots of character.

3) This Overstock Mirrored Drawer Accent Chest is one of my favs, and a potential front-runner. I really like the curved bottom. It feels more elegant than the others with straight lines.

4) Neiman Marcus surprisingly has some very reasonable ones as well. And this Mirrored Hall Chest at $759 is at the top of my list.

What one do you think I should go with? Or do you have any other options to share?

There will be a post in the coming weeks about some of my favorite accent chairs; and they won’t break the bank!


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I am a 30-something living in NYC. Follow along as I work on making my Manhattan rental a home, share inspiration, and help you design on your own dime.
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One Response to Mirror, Mirror

  1. alissa says:

    love the overstock choice!

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